This blog is all about reading, books, authors, reviews and recommendations.
Trust my ability to be professional when reviewing and giving my opinion about a book. I do not intend to change your mind and point of view about any books or authors. When I write a review I keep my personal prejudices aside, there is a difference between ‘nasty’ and ‘negative’.

I do not play favoritism and I don’t play devil’s advocate.

I read almost any genre, Romance, Romance Paranormal, YA Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Mystery & Thriller, Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci Fi Futurist, Time Traveling, Dystopia/Utopia. A good story comes in many shapes and colors.

I have a huge reading pile therefore I am not accepting books for review now. Instead, I am accepting books for feature and book cover reveal. You can submit your using this Feature Request. Also, I suggest authors to read my reviewing policy for before asking for a review – Reviewing Policy.

I just love reading.

Read on!


5 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    I am an author and I believe my novel The Mistake would be perfect fit for you and a fun read. However, when I went to access your submission form page, it said it wasn’t there. Are you still doing great reviews?


    Steven Rosenstein
    (aka Bruce Castle)
    @BCauthor – twitter

  2. Happy Halloween Hop!

    I admire your view and couldn’t agree more about reading in order of fun after sex, ice cream and cake! Absodamnlutely! I know I’ll enjoy this blog, because I’m already enjoying it!

    Fav scary book: The Shining (still makes me shiver!)
    Fav costume: a witch (what else?)
    Fav horror film: The Fog (yikes :0)

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