Feature Request

I am accepting books for cover reveals &  features ONLY,  however understand that submitting your book does not guarantee immediate feature. This form is for FEATURE REQUEST & COVER REVEAL ONLY. This will not guarantee you a review either. My reading pile is huge, though I shuffle things around from time to time I do not read under a time-frame since unfortunately, I do not read for a living. For more information about my review policy visit Reviewing Policy.

If you want my blog to take part in your Cover Reveal – I will contact you via email to request graphics and all information pertaining your reveal. Depending on my availability some posts may be schedule for weekends. I don’t discriminate since my awesome followers check my blog at all times. I do not spam, so do not be concern about including your email address.

Acceptable genres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance,  Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Futuristic, Drama, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Steampunk,  Urban Fantasy, Utopian, Dystopia, Anthologies & Collection of Short Stories.  Religious themes and content are NOT accepted. This form is for INDI authors ONLY.


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