Book Tour: Crimson Darkness By Amos Cassidy (Sneak Peek)

If you haven’t read Crimson Midnight book #1 of the series you are missing out. The story brings us a great plot with fantastic characters, action and drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Crimson Darkness Book #2 of the  Crimson Series promises just the same if not more. Check the sneak peek of The Crimson Darkness book #2 of the Crimson series.

They were back in Rose’s home, in her mother’s bedroom. Sunlight slanted through the windows illuminating the room in a soft ethereal glow, its rays illuminating the large landscape pictures that hung on the walls. Rose’s mother sat on the bed, her legs crossed Indian style.  A sleek black cat lay beside her on the duvet purring softly and throwing Rose the odd curious glance.  Rose had taken the seat by the bed folding her hands in her lap and clasping them tightly, unsure what else to do with them.

“I would have come sooner but…it wasn’t easy reaching you. He has much power,” said her mother.

“Who? Roman?”

Her mother’s eyes bored into hers.  “You know that isn’t Roman.”

Rose gnawed at her bottom lip debating whether to admit to the knowledge or not.  She had been playing the fantasy game for so long now it felt almost traitorous to admit to the truth. Traitorous and painful.

“Rose?”  There was a clear warning in her mother’s tone.

Rose sighed.  “Yes.” She looked back up at her mother. “I know.  Just like I know that you aren’t my mother.”

Her mother’s lips twisted in a wry smile.  “A question of semantics my dear.  I am your mother, just not the one you were raised to know.”

“I hate riddles.”

“Well then let me make this simple. It’s time for you to take control, to wake up.” The cat stood, stretched and pawed at the duvet before leaping off the bed and landing gracefully in Rose’s lap.

Rose jerked in her seat, her hands flying up to hover by her head.  The cat stared up at her transfixing her with its emerald gaze.  Heat from the small animal seeped into her lap and she slowly found herself relaxing.  Tentatively she lowered her hands to pet the cat.  Wake up?  Waking up meant pain.  “I-I can’t.”

“You mean you won’t.”

Rose swallowed hard.

“I did not raise a coward, Rose.”

Rose raised her head her eyes flashing. “You didn’t raise me at all!”

Her mother smiled seemingly satisfied.  “You’re not a coward.” Her eyes flicked from the cat, back to Rose.  “I see your heart.  I feel your heart.  You are my daughter just as your mother was.”  Rose continued to stroke the cat.

“Beautiful isn’t she? I found her wondering around.  I think she belongs to you.”

Something in the woman’s words rang true but Rose wasn’t quite ready to face it. “Who are you?”


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