Book Tour – Guest Post: “Shadows Deep (Shadows, Part II)” by Cege Smith

Title: Shadow Deep
Author: Cege Smith
Series: Shadows
Price: $3.99 Kindle
Where to buy: Amazon

Guest Post: Bring Back That Ghostly Feeling

If you were to ask me which supernatural creature was my favorite, I’d say vampire without hesitation. If a story has a vampire in it, good, bad, or ugly it’s fair game. I like authors who put new spins on the vampire mythology (like letting the vamps walk during the day), but yet appreciate the purists who stay true to the vampire that resembles Dracula more than Edward from Twilight.

But after that initial declaration, I inevitably have a tiny, nagging voice in the back of my mind that calls my decision into question. That voice reminds me that I spend most Friday and Saturday nights with Ghost Adventures playing on the TV. It’s the voice that says that while vampires are my favorite creature de jour, deep down my heart will always belong to the ghosts.

The voice forces me to admit that my first whack at writing fiction, when I was twelve, featured a haunted house story. Even then, I understood the basics of a good ghostly tale because I couldn’t stop reading everything I could find about ghosts. I knew that it was almost always a traumatic event involving death and loss that served to create that window of opportunity for a vengeful soul to return and torment the living. Those books kept me at night shrinking beneath the covers and wondering if I was about to feel cold fingers on my skin.

When I returned to fiction writing after a hiatus that lasted much too long (fifteen years), if felt natural to start out writing another ghost story. That story, Edge of Shadows, became the first book in the Shadows series. Ellie Coulter, the book’s main character, finds the siren call of the mysterious Bradford mansion irresistible. She digs into its past, and that choice has damning consequences not only for herself, but for the guy that she falls for throughout the book.

In book two of the Shadows series, Shadows Deep, readers will likely question if Ellie is a ghost herself. A lot of awful things happened inside the Bradford mansion, and so it’s not a big surprise to find that it is a rich haunting ground. Ellie encounters other paranormal creatures as well, but first and foremost, the mansion is home to ghosts.

So with much chagrin, I have to admit that the voice may be right. Taking all of these things into consideration, I guess it is possible that ghosts are my favorite supernatural creatures. Of course, I like to tell that voice that my vampire love isn’t going anywhere. I released the first novel in my Bloodtruth series, Heiress of Lies, where I get to delve into my own twist on vampire mythology.

It wouldn’t surprise me that given my writerly pursuits that one day I’ll trip over a ghost. But as much as I like them, I just hope that day isn’t any day soon. I prefer to keep all of my supernatural creature favorites contained safely within the confines of written pages.

Blurb: Ellie Coulter made a deal with the devil, and now it’s time to pay the price. Little did she know, the shadows that have swirled around her life since her parents’ death were not a coincidence. As Ellie’s destiny is revealed, it comes with the knowledge that her fate is the lynchpin in a far larger, and more dangerous game. And the one who found her has no intention of ever letting her go.

Ellie walks a fine line between keeping up the appearance of acceptance while gathering the information she needs to escape. Along the way, she has to decide who to trust and that includes the man she loves.  As facts give way to lies, Ellie begins to question everything.  With her true intentions on the verge of being discovered, Ellie must find a way to defeat her captor before she becomes a shadow herself.

About the Author:  Cege Smith is a Minnesota based writer who is addicted to lattes and B-rated horror films. She had been crafting spooky stories since she was twelve years old. She lives with her husband, two adorable stepsons, and mini long-hair dachshund, Juliet in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

Thanks to author Cege Smith for stopping by today and sharing with us her love for horror and paranormal.





7 responses to “Book Tour – Guest Post: “Shadows Deep (Shadows, Part II)” by Cege Smith

  1. The cover art for your book is very inviting. It beckons the viewer to step down the spiral staircase into the swirling mist just to see what lies beyond.

    • Ledia,
      You are absolutely correct, that’s the same thought my husband had about this cover. He said it is quite appropriate. I like to see book covers that reflect the theme of the book, a lot of times that isn’t the case. This is a great cover.

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