WINNERS Announcement: 100th Blog Post – Book Blast Giveaway – Winners Picked!

I want to start by thanking everyone who participated, these past few months have been great and I can’t thank you enough for being so awesome.  I am having a great time blogging and sharing my thoughts with you. I have been able to accomplish something that has taken many other years to get and that’s a group of amazing followers.

Ok, without further ado, I present to you the WINNERS!

10 Winners… 10 Titles

(Wins – Phantom Squadron Series)

Sarah Elizabeth
(Wins – Nette)

Adva Kramer
(Wins- Evolve)

Samantha Deen
(Wins- Crimson Midnight)

Aliaa Jordan El-Nashar
(Wins-The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf)

Lisa Cox
(Wins – The Weeping Empress)

Proserpine Craving
(Wins – Whisper Cape – Book 1)

Fiery Na
(Wins- Huntress for Hire (Huntress Chronicles #1) )

Joella Elbert
(Wins – Woman on the Edge of Reality)

Zarah Robinson
(Wins – Progeny Of Innocence -Paradox Series Pack)

~~ ** ** ~~

Facebook New Follower Appreciation Winner

Trudy Choate
(Wins – Honor O’Flynn)

~~ ** ** ~~

2  Extra winners to choose 1 book from the list below

April Alvey  & Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
Ladies please choose a book from the list below and contact me via email at
readingdiva3(at)gmail(dot)com with your preference.


Die For Me
Under The Never Sky
City Of Lost Souls


A small favor to ask, though no necessary it would be  awesome if you could leave a review of the book once you read it. You can post your review via Goodreads or Amazon as an appreciation to the authors listed above.

Thank you all for participating and to the authors for donating!


11 responses to “WINNERS Announcement: 100th Blog Post – Book Blast Giveaway – Winners Picked!

  1. Congratulations for getting this far and I’m looking forward to sending a copy of Woman on the Edge of Reality to Joella as soon as I get her details. Can you let her know I’m happy to send either an ebook or a paperback copy, thanks Reading Diva 🙂

    • Hi Linda,
      I’ll be sending you an email with her email address, that way you can coordinate with her directly. Thank you again for donating!

      • You’re welcome I always love to support people who are celebrating and living their success and you are doing just that – well done 🙂

  2. Woohoo! I won, along with lots of others.
    Congratulations everyone!
    Thank you so much for having this fun contest

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. A copy of Huntress for Hire is on its way to Fiery Na.
    Thanks to Reading Diva for hosting the contest :)

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