Review: Dark Kiss Of The Reaper by @Kristen_Painter 4.5 of 5

Title: Dark Kiss Of The Reaper
Author: Kristen Painter
Series: +++
Source: Purchased
Price: $3.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Description:He’ll steal her heart, then take her soul…
The angel of death has a name: Azrael. He also has a purpose, to soothe the souls of the suffering into the peaceful passage of the after life. But in his twilight existence, Azrael has never known peace or pleasure…
Until he meets Sara, the first mortal who can see him in his Reaper form. Charming and spirited despite bearing her own burdens, she intoxicates him with the pleasures of life, even taming his brutal dark side with her fearlessness. But Azrael’s new happiness is short-lived when he realizes Sara’s health is fading. The bright flame of her life is about to be blown out. And he’s to blame.

Review: I am a huge fan of Kristen Painter, when I came across this book I couldn’t help but to grab it and start reading it while ignoring all other books on the top of my TRL.  The Dark Kiss of the Reaper is a sweet and wonderful story of love that knows no boundaries.

Dark Kiss of the Reaper is dark and undeniably romantic.  Kristen Painter manages to create a world in which the details can easily map out your imagination bringing you to a world filled with romance, loss and eternal love.  As usual, Kristen creates an entertaining plot; her story flows easily, leaving you with the need to keep reading.

Her characters are sexy, funny and sweet. I am amazed at how well their dialog flows and their interaction feels real. I honestly think this book has 2 more parts which I hope she writes one day. Kristen Painter makes us wish we had a Ripper of our own. She entice us by creating a wonderful character “Azrael” who is usually represented by sorrow and darkness (The Angel of Death) yet she manages to make him carrying, sexy and loving.

Her characters bring such light to the story, making it interesting, and a page turner. I would love to read more about the 2 other reapers Chronos and Kol, each character brings depth and purpose to the story. This is a great read, one that I highly recommend.

4 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ½


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