New York Comic Con – 2011 Recap by ReadingDiva’s Blog

New York Comic Con is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Exhibitors from major entertainment companies as well as vendors and publishing companies come together on a 4 days show that leave very little to the imagination.

While at Comic Con I was able to meet 4 great authors.

Jeaniene Frost – Author of the popular Night Huntress Series was signing her “One Grave at a Time: A Night Huntress Novel”.

Jeaniene & I chitchatting

Kristen Painter – Author of the House of Comarre series was signing her latest book “Blood Rights”.

Kristen Painter smiling for the camera

Brandon Sanderson author of the very popular “Mistborn : Final Empire Series” was also there.

Brandon Sanderson talking to me

David Chandler author of “Den of Thieves” was also there.

David Chandler answering my questions.

This was such a great experience. I am looking forward to next year Comic Con.

Deadpool Costume

Short Batman

Thor's family

Big Bird's brother LOL

You can see more pictures by clicking here.


4 responses to “New York Comic Con – 2011 Recap by ReadingDiva’s Blog

  1. Thanks for the cool blog and pics! I was only there on Sunday – wish I could have attended all weekend! I’m author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN. I had my book signing at the autographing tables (They set me up at the table right next to James Marsters/Spike). There were originally other authors scheduled to be at the tables as well (Jeaniene Frost, Patricia Briggs) but they opted to remain in-booth. I think the booth is a better way to go for authors – people at the signing tables are looking to meet the celebrities more than buy books. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for the wolrd – it was a great day! I did get to meet some of my readers, and I got to hang out with James Marsters and Kevin Sorbo! You can read my blog and check out my pics at:

    • Hi Melanie & Welcome to my blog!

      I am quite familiar with your series (which I love). I would’ve loved to meet you there, I was able to make it to four books signing but I missed a few I was looking forward to, including yours. I had a 3 day pass however I was only able to attend Saturday. I tried to make the best of it and attend as many book signings as I could in 1 day. Some of the lines were long but it was fun. I saw the pictures in your blog and I admit I am jealous; you met Kevin Sorbo “Hercules” and James Masters “Spike” that’s awesome.

      I had tons of fun however I think Comic Con should organize things better next year. I wanted to attend some of the movie panels but I wasn’t even able to get close. I am looking forward to next year and I hope to meet you then.

      By the way I just read the “sneak peak # 3” and OMG, my heart is racing. When in December is Descendant of Darkness coming out? I honestly can’t wait any longer LOL.


      • Sorry you didn’t get to stop by and visit! Yes – you’ve always been a supportive reader – I threw the ‘introduction’ line into my post in case your blog followers don’t know me 🙂
        Glad you liked the last sneak peek! I am not sure when Descendant of Darkness will be out. I had hoped for Dec 1st, but I’m afraid it might be later than that… we’ll see. It’s still not quite done, and then needs to be edited, formatted and published.
        However, I had printed up some Sneak Preview booklets (of about 100 pages – the 1st 6 chapters) of the book for ComicCon, and I still have a few left. I’m selling them for $5, but they contain a coupon for $5 off the full book when it comes out. If you’d like to snag one before they’re gone, just e-mail me. Details are on my website homepage.

        Thanks ~ Melanie Nowak

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