Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star – Review 5 of 5

Book description: Jia is life. It is spirit. It is indestructible. It is that which is permanent. Dyn is fragile, corruptible, and temporary. In the entirety of the universe, man is the only being created of both, his soul from Jia and his flesh from Dyn – an abomination in the eyes of the fallen god Aedar who would use the destruction of man as a means for reclaiming his lost godhood. Valcoria, a planet created by the benevolent god YaJiann, is the world that bridges these two planes, a dual existence that allows some to tap their Jia and subject and control things made of Dyn. Those who can so affect themselves and the world around them are called the Kalyra or the Children of the Crystal Star, and are the only ones who can protect Valcoria from the jealous fury of a fallen god.

My review: I took longer than usual to finish this book but I must say I have just become Jason King’s #1 fan. I loved Valcoria. The plot, the action scene, the interaction between the characters; the flow of the story, the treason & adventure, is what makes Valcoria a great story. I am looking forward to reading more of his work.

Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star – is my favorite fantasy book of 2011 so far.
This was so much fun to read, and for that I give it  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (hearts).


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