Devil To Pay by Jeaniene Frost – Review

Devil to Payby Jeaniene Frost, is an interesting story.  Blake Tuner had everything he needed, a good job, friends, and family, until a demon turned it all upside down.

Jeaniene Frostgives us the story of Blake Tuner and Elise. The story of a human mortal who hosts an ancient and very powerful demon. He suffers from black outs and finds himself covered in blood after having an episode of rage induced by the demon in him.  Blake doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he believes the only solution to his torment is to kill himself before he ends up killing anyone else.

Blake finds Elise, a vampire who prefers her solitude. She feels she is better off on her own with very little human interaction. Blake believes Elise is his only way to ending his life and the nightmare his life has become. However, destiny has other plans for them. Blake and Elise first have to eliminate the demon, but this could mean the dead of the man she loves.

Devil to Payis a sweet story of love and endurance. I would definitely recommend it. My only complain is, I would’ve liked the story to be a little longer, perhaps give us more details about  Blake’s new awakening as a vampire.

This was a nice read and for that I give it a 3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ½  (hearts)


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